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just need to say that...

duet with onew.
dancing with jonghyun (+duet).
& do i remember correctly if the rumour was that she has dated jaejoong & siwon before too? DD:


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i'm actually excited over this new SM girlgroup >__<
i mean, firstly the name f(x) makes me ROFL TO NO END XD;;; hahahaha SM & the hilarious meanings behind groups names will forever amuse me XD
i'm assuming that its just pronounced 'FX'? apparently its 'effects' <--should've guessed as much lol.
i'm not sure on them being 'asia's pop dance group' or whatever though :\ kinda high expectations there now...

its like, they name the group 'flower' and 'x' after the X chromosome to emphasise their feminity... but then they chuck in a member WHO'S TOTALLY TOMBOY?! O____O
it confuses me.
don't get me wrong, i love tomboys because i'm one myself lol.
i'm really interested to see her personality & fashion~ i mean already they're dressing her in baggy clothes + guy-ish hair :O
even the photo of her - they changed the lighting so that HER COLLARBONES ARE PROMINANT DDD: all the other girls have different lighting so they look more ...pure (LOL i dunno if that's the right word, but you can tell there's a difference y/y? XD)
some of the comments on that post say the photos aren't very flattering :S but i think they all look pretty decent. definitely on par with their sunbaes :P ...BUT HOW ARE 2(?) OF THEM 5 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME?! X___X  they look 5 years older! T__T

& for my token shinee mention: i really hope their comeback in oct/nov is AS GOOD AS REPLAY! T___T because really, nothing has been as good as their debut song as yet :( hopefully their outfit theme will be okay too...i hate insects ;___;

i should also say this:
sorry that i haven't really been comment/posting and that according to LJ social norms this makes me a 'bad friend'. but i still don't really get the social etiquette around here... i dunno, its like based on the fact that you don't talk to someone for ages = bad friend = i will cut you...that totally doesn't apply in RL? :S like i don't talk to alot of people very often, but i still consider them good friends...urgh. maybe that's just me. and like even old friends from the past who have nothing in common with me anymore, i still follow them on twitter so i know how they're doing. i mean, i guess i understand if you don't want your f-list spammed but you can always filter it...
anyway, i guess what i'm trying to say is i will never 'cut' you unless you want me to lol. and if you cut me, i don't really mind because that's the way you roll and i'm cool with that XD i guess everyone has different expectations of each other.
& well, i guess i'll always find this system a bit strange ^^;;

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adsghiacnig <3 <3 <3

that is all.

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Sorry I haven't been active as of late >__< For some reason I haven't even really been uptodate with fandoms either D:
I guess its a good thing so that I get more study done.
Also, it might be due to the fact that FANDOM HAS BEEN MAKING APPEARANCES IN RL O____O;;
Firstly, last Thursday my friend Will suddenly asks me, "May, do you know the song Sorry Sorry? *puts his palms together*"
(surely you can guess my reaction lmao)
AFHDISGNFIZCX OMG YES! *both start doing the sorry sorry dance* ROFLMAO >XD;;;
Its coz his friends from dance were teaching him it for some reason :S lolol
& since then we have been constantly breaking out into song & dancing to it! hahaha so now the rest of my uni group of friends know the song now :P EVEN THE GREEK GUY LMAO! 8DD
As I was walking to uni one morning, I passed by a guy who was wearing A TSHIRT THAT JAE WORE (that x_x smiley face one!) :O :O 
I turned around and looked at him again of course >XD;; he was just some random asian guy.
And then.
Waiting outside our classroom, Will gives me one of his earphones - he's listening to Sorry Sorry of course rofl...time for the next song and its FREAKIN' REPLAY!!!!!!! :O :O :O I completely spazz out and everyone's just like rofl@ us. His friends from dance want him to choreograph something for it!! >XD hahaha but I was like "ZOMG YOU KNOW THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BAND EVER!!!" hahaha & try to explain the lyrics (of which he doesn't really care about lol).
Later that day in the computer lab during a uni break Will's taps me on the shoulder. I turn around & he's watching the sorry sorry dance version MV >_> lmao. He then watches Replay's dance MV ^__^
I tell him you should learn the balloon dance! XD ROFL. and well...he was not amused lol so i chucked on the mirotic dance mv coz at least they look more manly T__T & he was more satisfied lol.
On the way to the train station I saw a guy who was wearing the cap thing that JongHyun always wears O____O

& since I keep getting all these fandom doses now in RL, I don't feel as compulsed to stalk comms/forums as I usually do as soon as I get home :\

In other news, my iTunes has a virus & I can't open it :S so I've been having to use WMP which is actually alright once you get used to it. The only sad this is that I can't update my iPod anymore T___T booo...

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I got home from uni today & was disappointed that my shinee photobook still hadn't arrived :(
an hour later, at knock at the door & i look out my window to see the posty running back to the van - WHOOOOOOOO
THE PB IS BIG MAN. heaps bigger than my shirota yuu one that bucket_shot  bought for me a couple years back XD 
i also finally bought a copy of romeo - i got taemin T___T i mean i don't mind because his photo actually looks alright, its just that it makes me feel like a pedo -__-"
bought SJ repackaged too! :D

last night i also placed an order for posters which totalled to US$152 - that's like almost $200 AU hahaha ^^;;
now now before you quickly jump to conclusions - THEY'RE CERTAINLY NOT ALL FOR ME. we just wanted to save on shipping so bulk bought XD;;
i'm getting the shinee PB poster + the free mirotic verC poster 8D
my sister is getting an antique bakery ones (+free)
anita is getting shinee PB too + SS501 the one with autographs (+2 free)
phuong's getting 3 BB concert posters + the other two mirotic posters that come in a double deal (+3 free)
so that's a grand total of 16 posters that will be arriving at my home in a couple of weeks ^^;; hahaha
let's just say that MY BANK IS BROKE D:

but now is the time to completely sanitise my hands before i carefully flick through all the photobooks XD

p.s. thankyou all for sharing my pain about my missed korea adventure, this arrival of korean goodness shall momentarily numb me of my sorrows :P

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Okay so back in year 11 i was BFF with my friend Roy and these korean twins who came down to study for a couple of years.
Now Roy has been studying in HongKong this past half a year and will be remaining there until next year.
He is currently on summer holidays and guess what he did?
He went for two weeks and got back on Sunday - I WAS ALSO ON HOLIDAYS DURING THIS PERIOD.
Because actually we planned that we would go to Korea to visit them when we were in uni back then.

I mean firstly, catching up with the twins would have been awesome.
Secondly, all the pictures Roy took were amazingly beautiful.

just the thought of it makes me want to crawl into a corner and cry my heart out.

it just has to be the last day of my holidays too T__T

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Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

has anyone seen Atashinchi no Danshi?
its got Horikita Maki in it. i think she's got to be my favourite female lead ^^
Yamamoto Yusuke & Seto Koji are also in it (although they aren't my favourite in the drama :X).
anyway its really good! haha i started it last night & finished it today :)
if only it had a little bit more romance, it would've been perfect just coz i'm a sucker for that kinda stuff lol

so the NZ pics are for a photoalbum.
this is definitely on my shopping list.
also, i have yet to purchase the romeo mini-album.
but the japan release on finally has a title, and i think its the same mini-album + a dvd?
so i'm thinking maybe i should buy that one instead? :\
does anyone know when the NZ photoalbum is going to be for sale? >__<
i should probably wait for that, and order everything together...
running out of patience.
i also really want piano sheet music for stand by u! please can somebody write some up~~ m(_ _)m lol

& many apologies for not having a decent blog entry for ages D:
i guess i'll just put a few dot points about what has been happening ^^
- last week i had clinical placements (i'm studying physiotherapy, for those who don't know). it was interesting :D i saw an ex-swine flu patient too ^^ he was one of those who were seriously sick (had to be incubated) but by the time i saw him he was doing great, and was going to be discharged the next day :)
- i've seen the following movies in the past 2 weeks: the hangover, the proposal, transformers & the terminator. i enjoyed them all :D
- i participated in a charity fun run, entering the 5km event. it killed me ^^;;
- today i donated blood for the first time XD i was pretty anxious, but it was all good in the end :) you get free drinks/food afterwards! haha i'll probably try do it on a regular basis, because it does sorta make you feel good, giving something that doesn't cost you anything to save lives & all ^^ i'm also very excited about finally finding out what blood type i am! haha
- hm. nothing else is of worth mentioning, just been catching up with friends and shall be doing some more of that tomorrow.
- OH! on saturday night, there's an end of exams special - $10 entry at club hush...now i wouldn't really care much for that except for the fact that it is going to be...ASIAN NIGHT!! >8D:;; OHHH YEAH. i reckon they'll definitely play fire & genie! ...its oh-so-tempting~~

happy new financial year? XD;;

i only had 3 episodes to go...i had sorta gotten over it by then anyway :X
some bits were really draggy.

& his dad was still alive :\ but i totally forgot he was supposed to even have died >__< hahaha so that kinda ruined that bit for me lol.

sorry for being so behind in my spaz m(_  _)m

hm. now to watch mei-chan no shitsuji? :D
i read some more Special A last night too! argh, they're all so good-looking *A*
also gotta alot of anime to cram into these holidays: the new FMA, second season of gundam00, soul eater...
gonna watch bloody monday with my friend too~

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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of my fandom life D:
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the day I returned to the world of kpop D:
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me being a mother LMAO.


& so today marks their comeback with the release of their 2nd mini-album, Romeo~
(which I am downloading as I type)

ONHYUN DUET!!!!!!! *insert spaz*
and from what I've read on your pplz journals, ALL THE SONGS > JULIETTE 8D
This brings me much excitment.

Oh the anticipation!
Gotta hunt down the scans too~~ 8D
even though I'm kinda freaked out by what I've seen so far - I mean is that FUR I see on JongHyun?! X___X

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
this is why i love them >XD;;

& sorry for not putting it behind a cut, but i'm sure you'll agree that its just too fantastic to be hidden 8D

Current Mood: excitedexcited
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